Celebration of an illustrious heritage

Dharohar was born with a desire to nurture the unparalleled skill and creativity of the masterful Indian artisans that were introduced to us by The Hunar Foundation, an NGO that works towards preserving and promoting the craftsmanship of such artists. We endeavour to be the bridge between these artists, who have perfected their craft in small villages of this massively aesthetic country, and the art lovers across the world. With this platform we aim to showcase a range of products by such artisans who weave myths, legends and daily experiences into beautiful creations and offer them a fair price while helping them with new ideas to innovate and keep up with the wide contemporary market.


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The Dharohar



The Dharohar

Conserving the inherent art of India and taking it to the different corners of the globe is our main motive. It is often that the plethora of beautiful art in this country does not make it to popular stores. They remain limited to local markets and periodic exhibitions in large cities. Overcome this barrier is what we hope to achieve.



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