Dick and you will Jane usually espouse at the step one:31 P

Dick and you will Jane usually espouse at the step one:31 P

erratic (ir In the ik) hookup Cleveland adj. 1. in place of repaired path otherwise purpose; irregular; random; meandering; 2. deviating regarding common direction; eccentric; weird • An effective moth’s erratic flight is certainly one version so you can the emergency. • Millionaire Howard Hughes’s reclusive choices through the their final years can merely end up being titled unstable. [-ly adv.]

erroneous (ir OH nee uhs) adj. based on or that contains error; mistaken; incorrect • The new report of one’s beheading is actually apparently incorrect. • Erroneous info is aren’t with the front-page regarding supermarket magazines. [-ly adv.]

Small Remark #34 Match the term out-of line 2 into the term of line step one that implies really nearly the same thing. 1. secretive

especially (es PESH uh lee) adj. particularly; mainly; so you’re able to an effective studies; surprisingly • Chinese is actually an exceptionally tough code getting Occidentals to master. • That it phrase is actually for Costs, Bob, and you will Marcia, and particularly for Suzanne. • Particularly is not an especially uncommon term; you really hear it each and every day-especially out of Tv information programs. espouse (parece POWZ) vt. step 1. for taking because a girlfriend; marry; dos. for taking upwards, service, otherwise advocate particular cause, suggestion, etc. • • • •

Yards. User advisers espouse seeking an automible and financing individually. Teddy Roosevelt usually espoused speaking softly and you can carrying a big stick. [-d, espousing] [Syn. advocate]

Diana and Charles have been espoused

substance (Parece in) letter. 1. some thing present; entity; dos. important attribute; inherent, standard characteristics; essential top quality; step 3. a material you to keeps (in the concentrated setting) the taste, scent, and other attributes of your bush, eating, etcetera. from which it is extracted • All over the world laws is a thing that can be obtained in essence, although it is not codified. • Jokes is the essence from satire as well as satirical parts. • Strangely, a specific nastiness is the substance from satirists. • Vanilla consists of most of the essence of a vanilla bean’s style however, none of your grittiness of your seed. crucial (is Durante shil) adj. step 1. of the built-in character out of some thing; basic; inherent; 2. necessary; requisite; indispensible • A happy wagging end is essential so you’re able to a golden retriever. • You should bring your driver’s license when you’re to help you cash a. [-ly adv.] [Syn. essential, crucial, crucial]

expose (parece Tab lish) vt. step one. and work out steady; while making firm; dos. to forever order, ordain, otherwise enact (such as for instance, a rules); step three. to set up (a national, providers, business, etc.); found; institute; cuatro. result in to take place or to end up being; lead to • • • •

Congress sets the fresh rules for which i alive. Johnny dependent his laws office when you look at the New york city. Flower and you will Dorothy created good lifelong friendship. [-ed, -ing, -ment letter.] [Syn. release, create]

regard (es TEEM) vt. step one. to possess high value having; to help you worth very; 2. to hang getting; -n. beneficial view; high regard; value • Val important Bert’s assist in selecting colleges to make use of so you can. • I value the aid in starting the fresh storm home truthfully so you can was indeed indispensable. • Are you willing to hold your pet’s thoughts of people inside the highest admiration? [-ed, -ing] [Syn. take pleasure in, admire]

Brand new sheriffs situated law and you may acquisition regarding Dated Western

ethical (ETH ik l) adj. step one. worried about integrity otherwise morality; out of or conforming so you’re able to ethical standards; 2. compliant to your standards of a certain industry otherwise category • The latest Geneva Exhibitions manage brand new moral therapy of inmates out-of combat. • Of several consider the comparison away from make-up into the dogs as quicker than just moral. • The fresh courtroom profession’s moral code needs not divulging one correspondence ranging from consumer and you will lawyer. [-ly adv.] [Syn. principled]

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